Can My Case Be Brought Back To Court?


Is there anything that can be done after the fact?

I was not arrested but the state picked up charges against me and I had to come to court, I hired an attorney, who turned out to be about nothing but money! He did not put any time or effort into my case. I would only hear from him or his assistant when it was about money. Now, I ended up pleading no contest and excepting the state offer of probation BECAUSE my paid lawyer told me that the first of the year there will be a more harsh judge taking over my case, and this judge was real harsh and would send me to jail, he also told me that the jury would hate me, so it’s better if I did not risk it and take the offer, so I did, and now I regret it, and looking over everything I should have been hired another lawyer but he was paid and I didn’t have the money for another lawyer. My question is, is there anything that can be done with my case? Could it be brought back to court? Could I have a new case or hearing?


It is true that judges are being rotated out next year and harsh judges are moving in, and lenient judges are moving elsewhere as well. So do not know if its in your benefit to withdraw your plea and start from the beginning. You may get a worse result. To make a decision you may want to pay for an in depth consultation for a lawyer to look over the specific facts of your case and see if you have a viable path to withdraw your plea. Do not wait because there are certain time periods that come into play. Best of luck!