Can I Contact A Co-Defendant?


When a co-defendant’s charges in a drug case get completely dropped, is the no-contact order for the both of them dismissed too?

I was arrested for possession of meth & my co-defendant was arrested for eluding & reckless driving. His charges got dismissed/dropped completely & he was let out of jail, but I am out on bond. My only bond condition was to have no contact with my co-defendant, but if his charges were dismissed, does that mean that the no contact order is also dismissed? Will I get in trouble if I talk to him?


Your case didn’t get dismissed so your still subject to the conditions of your release. Since his case was dropped or dismissed, he is not subject to the court’s jurisdiction and can do whatever he wants. If he contacts you that’s fine, but if you respond back then you will be violating your conditions of pre-trial release and your bond can be revoked. Contact a few local attorneys and hire the one you deem best. Depending on the situation the lawyer you hire might be able to modify the conditions of your release. Best of luck to you.