How can i get my bf out of jail?


My bf and i had a fight in which he was arrested for 784.03-1A1 – BATTERY; TOUCH OR STRIKE . He doesn’t have any previous history of this but he had a felony charge back in 2013 ..will they use this against him ? How can i get him out if I’m not pressing charges ?


If he was arrested yesterday, then he should have his first appearance hearing today. You can call the jail and ask what time is first appearance is. Then you can show up and make your wishes known to the judge that you want contact and that you don’t want to press charges. The judge will likely set a bond and you can bond him out. This will NOT dismiss the charges. Only the prosecutor can do that and they will only do it if they feel they do not have any evidence, regardless if you want to press charges or not. You can hire a lawyer to solve the problem.