How can i get passports for my toddlers, without their father’s “permission”?


My ex and i were never married. My kids and i are and have been FL residents. Their father GA. He hasn’t seen kids in over a year and only called twice. How can i get my kids passports without him signing because he will not do it out of spite. My dad has never seen my kids outside of pics and has a back injury preventing him from the 5-6 hr flight and my grandma is in Guatemala too old to fly. I really want to take my kids to visit them. Asap.


The only way for you to do this in this situation is if in your court order you were given sole parental responsibility over the children. If so you would provide a copy of the court order certified when you apply in person. If you do not have a court order then you can hire a lawyer to file a motion specifically for this. If you have never been to court to set paternity and timesharing/child support for the father, then you will need to start this process and go for sole parental responsibility. Here is a good website to check out: