Can I ask the school to set aside a few minutes for me to speak to the child when parent is refusing contact?


I want to ask my child’s principal the favor of setting aside a few minutes per week for me to speak to my child during school hours. I am ordered daily Skype contact for 20 minutes. However, the other party regularly refuses this contact. There is a pending Motion for Contempt going to Pre-Trail Conference. However, in the meanwhile, I would like to speak to my child – especially since the child complains about being bullied, spanked and punished for wanting a relationship with me.

Is asking the principal to facilitate communication between me and my child out of bounds?


Well if you are only allowed daily Skype contact, and no in person visitation, then there might be a court order preventing you from doing so and the school may decline your request. If there is no court order restricting your visitation, then you shouldn’t necessarily need to ask the Principal a favor, you can just show up and have lunch with your child, which many parents do when they have a free moment. Best of luck to you.