Failure To Appear Warrant Lifted?


Is it possible to have this matter resolved within 3 weeks, I’m supposed to go on a cruise for our friends wedding?

Need an attorney to lift my warrant for FTA for expired registration from 2014. What should I expect to pay for an attorney to handle this matter. Never been in trouble ever before?


It is possible to get your warrant issue taken care of within a 3 week time-frame depending on how fast the attorney you hire moves to get this done. An attorney can file a motion for the court to recall the capias or bench warrant that is outstanding for your failure to appear. Once that warrant is resolved, you will get a new court date in which your attorney can defend you in court and resolve your case so you can put it behind you. The price should be reasonable since we are dealing with a misdemeanor but we are not allowed to quote prices on this site.  I offer initial consultations, and payment plans. Best of luck!