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At Mack Law PA, we know you benefit most from having a divorce attorney who will diligently represent your legal needs. Orlando divorce lawyer Mike Mackhanlall thrives in the courtroom, keeps cases on track, and will not settle for less than what you are entitled to under the law. We are aware of the financial strain divorce proceedings cause, and we work to get through the process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Learn More

Child Custody

When parents contact the firm asking about “child custody” they are often referring to what is known in Florida as “Time Sharing.” Time Sharing is a portion of an agreement that is referred to as a “Parenting Plan.” What happens is that parents, before a divorce or separation from their significant other, soon come to the realization that the other parent of their child may have different ideas for the child’s future than they do. Learn More

Child Support

In Florida, when a child does not live with both parents in a single household, one parent may be required to pay child support. Child support issues can come up in the context of divorce, separation, an unmarried relationship, or a request for modification of an existing court order. Learn More


One of the biggest questions that potential clients ask me about is alimony. How much will I have to pay my wife/husband if we divorce?  I typically answer by first asking how long the marriage was? During the marriage who supported who? Learn More

Division of Property in a Florida Divorce

Florida uses an equitable distribution of property model when dividing marital property, which is highly dependent on the judge’s discretion. That is why its crucial to hire Mack Law P.A. because we are familiar with the local judges hearing your case.  Learn More

Division of 401k/IRA/Stock Accounts in Divorce

During your marriage, if your 401k, IRA, or stock account went up in value during the time of the marriage (not before), then it will be an asset subject to division during you divorce.  Learn More


Mack Law PA has extensive experience dealing with the below injunctions throughout Florida.  He has filed petitions on behalf of women and men alike, and has also defended against the below injunctions to get to complete dismissal. The trend in Florida is that Judge’s are issuing a lot more temporary injunctions for Stalking. Learn More


Mack Law, P.A. helps individuals, couples and families start and expand their family unit through adoption. There are many children out there that deserve a loving home, and we take pride in helping couples provide that care and stability. Learn More

Military Divorce

As a proud United States Air Force veteran, I understand the legal intricacies that you will face as an active duty service member during your divorce or child custody case. Learn More

Sperm / Egg Donor Law & Litigation

The law office of Mack Law, P.A. in Orlando, Florida is devoted to creating a safe environment for same-sex and heterosexual couples, as well as individuals, looking to build their families through sperm donation.  Learn More

Modification of Orders, Contempt, and Enforcement

Situations change. Job considerations might make it necessary to move out of state, or a new job might change your income. Changes to your living situation or earnings can have important consequences for your children. If you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances, you may need modification of your divorce decree or family court orders to reflect your current situation. Proper planning can mean peace of mind. Learn More


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