Going through divorce….. Ex has not inquired about our son at all.


Going through divorce. Ex calls for son. But he will not inquire about Our son. He never asks how hes doing, his schooling etc. Nothing. I have asked multiple times, but he will not help provide any clothing or toys for our son. He tries to spin things like I wont communicate with him because I wont physically talk to him. But I will text him. He has anger issues and he yells a lot. So I don’t want to hear his voice. Text and email is good enough communication, which I do. He wont provide anything for our child. Can I present this to the judge? If I say when will u send anything for our son….his reply is “When will you call me” -____-
Seems like the type to have to forced to take care our son


Sure you can present that to the judge. Not sure if you have an attorney or not, but the thing is if you want to try and introduce text messages or emails to the Judge, you will have to lay the proper foundation for admissibility. The judge might not allow you to present that evidence if your representing yourself pro-se. If you have an attorney they will know what to do. If the other side has an attorney, they will properly object, so you definitely need an attorney in that situation. But to answer your question, yes it will be a factor that the judge will look at if he doesn’t try and contact his son or inquire about his status. Good luck to you.