How long does it take for a FTA warrant to show up in the jail’s system?


I was supposed to show up for a plea hearing for a felony driving on a suspended license. But I ended up missing it due to another court thing. I have a capis issued and shows on the clerk of court website. Went to turn myself on Thursday to the jail. They said my warrant is not in the system. How long does it take for it to show up in the jail’s system. And how long will I be in jail for this?


It depends if the capias has a bond attached to it, or if its a no bond capias. If its a no bond capias then you will stay in jail until you see the judge who issued the warrant and if that judge will give you a bond. If you don’t want to spend anytime in jail, you might want to hire a local attorney to look into this and file a motion to recall the capias and see how we can keep you out of jail. Best of luck.