What should I do about baby mother wanting to take child out of the county we currently live in to favor her new address?


I have 50/50 custody. Just found out baby mother is moving an hour away and is planning on relocating my daughters school far from me and not consulting me first. My daughter told me her Mom said to not tell daddy. I want to take this to mediation or court before this can happen. How should I proceed? Can a parent just do that to the other parent and not have any consequences?


Absolutely not, unless the parenting plan specifically allows her to do so. If she moves more then 50 miles without your consent, she will have to file a petition for relocation, and if she does not do so then you can call your attorney who did your original case to file a motion for contempt or hire another attorney. Courts also frown upon children being moved to another school district without the consent of both parties. Good luck.