Do I need a lawyer for my case or can it be done by myself?


I was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. I was released from jail on a PTR. My court date is April 13. This is my first arrest ever. My girlfriend does not want to prosecute. We still live together and I have a non hostile contact order. I was told that she can talk to the district attorney and sign papers saying she doesn’t want to prosecute. She is 100% on my side with the case. I NEED the case to be dropped or not show up on my record at all because I’m so close to becoming a LEO. Can I file all the necessary paper work myself so that I can get the case dropped or is a lawyer an absolute must for getting the charged dropped?


You need to hire an attorney. The prosecutor does not care if the your girlfriend does not want to prosecute. They will be reviewing the case to see if they have independent evidence to prove the charge without your girlfriends participation, such as admissions made at the scene when the cops made an arrest, whether she gave a statement at the scene about what happened, if there is body cam, etc. She will be subpoenaed to testify at the trial as well. Its best to hire an attorney and engage in discovery to analyze the case and try and facilitate a dismissal. As you know a DV charge and conviction can affect your gun rights which will in turn deny you a position in as a LEO. Use this site to research a few attorneys, do a consultation and hire the one you deem best. Best of luck.