What is the worst thing that can happen?


I have a misdemeanor as theft. My probation ends on September but my officer send a violation of probation to the judge. I have 30hrs comunity left to do and $500 left to pay. I want to know whats the worst that can happen to my case. Thanks


Each judge has their separate procedures. They could, worst case scenario send out a no bond VOP warrant, meaning they will arrest you at some point and cannot bond out and have to wait in jail until you get your case resolved. The other scenario is that you have a fair judge and instead of a no bond warrant, the judge puts out a notice to appear for you and you can appear in court with your attorney. The best way to get out of this is to hire a lawyer to file a motion to set bond if you get taken into custody and give you additional time to complete your community service and pay out court costs and fines.