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In Florida, when a child does not live with both parents in a single household, one parent may be required to pay child support. Child support issues can come up in the context of divorce, separation, an unmarried relationship, or a request for modification of an existing court order.

At Mack Law, P.A. I help mothers and fathers pursue fair and appropriate child support outcomes. Whether you are concerned about receiving or having to pay child support, our experienced family lawyers can help.

Understanding How Child Support Is Calculated in Florida

Like most states, Florida has a set of child support guidelines, including a mathematical formula that is used in most cases to calculate how much child support, if any, one parent will have to pay. The child support guidelines take into account factors such as the following:

  • The incomes of both the parents
  • The number of minor children in the family
  • Each parent’s share of parenting time with each of the children
  • The cost of any day care services and insurance paid for by each parent

When calculating child support, it is important to make sure you are using accurate information about income and expenses and that you are aware of situations where the courts can deviate from the child support formula. Our lawyers are highly familiar with these issues.

Understanding How Child Support Is Established in Florida

In Florida, child support is established two ways.  First typically for non-married parties, the party who lives with the child primarily will have the Department of Revenue file an administrative child support case.  Once that happens the other party will get served and you will likely not know what to do and what your rights are.  In this administrative child support case, the magistrate will NOT order any time sharing between the parties.  The only thing that the magistrate will order is the amount of child support.  Because of this, if you are served with an administrative child support case and you want equal rights to your child, then you must hire an attorney to being a court case which will trump an administrative case.

This is the second way that child support is established.  If the parties are not married, then you can hire our firm to begin a custody case on your behalf.  In a custody case, the court will order custody and also child support amounts.  The beauty of this is that you will receive a time sharing discount on your child support based on how much overnights you exercise with your child.  If the parties are married and now divorcing, child support will also be calculated in your divorce case based on the parties incomes and the amount of overnights that each party exercises with the child.

Child Support Order Attorney 

Child support issues can be rather complex and that is why our firm frequently assists clients with the initial establishment of child support and with the modification and enforcement of child support orders. For a Free Consultation with our experienced Family Law attorneys, Call Us at 407-926-6613.


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