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Attorney Michael T. Mackhanlall

Florida Law attorney

Mack Law, P.A. is a law firm that is located in Florida and specializes in Florida Law.


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orange county fl divorce lawyer

Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Orange County, FL

Orange County, FL Divorce Lawyer

At Mack Law PA, we know you benefit most from having a divorce attorney who will diligently represent your legal needs. Orange County, FL divorce lawyer Mike Mackhanlall thrives in the courtroom, keeps cases on track, and will not settle for less than what you are entitled to under the law. We are aware of the financial strain divorce proceedings cause, and we work to get through the process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Learn More

Orange County, FL Child Custody Lawyer

When parents contact the firm asking about “child custody” they are often referring to what is known in Florida as “Time Sharing.” Time Sharing is a portion of an agreement that is referred to as a “Parenting Plan.” What happens is that parents, before a divorce or separation from their significant other, soon come to the realization that the other parent of their child may have different ideas for the child’s future than they do. Learn More

Orange County, FL Child Support Lawyer

In Florida, when a child does not live with both parents in a single household, one parent may be required to pay child support. Child support issues can come up in the context of divorce, separation, an unmarried relationship, or a request for modification of an existing court order. Learn More

Child Custody lawyer
DUI lawyer Florida

Expert Orange County, FL Criminal Defense Lawyer

Orange County DUI Lawyer

Attorney Mike Mackhanlall is one of the only DUI defense lawyers in the State of Florida that has participated in the factory training provided by the manufacturer of the DUI breath test machine used in the State of Florida. This is the same training attended by employees of the Alcohol Testing Program at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  He holds this Certificate that is available for your review anytime. Learn More

Orange County, FL Misdemeanors Lawyer

Defense attorney Mike Mackhanlall defends all types of misdemeanor cases, offering aggressive Misdemeanor defense throughout the state of Florida. Our main offices serve the metropolitan areas of Orlando and Tampa/Clearwater, Florida. An experienced Florida Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer at Mack Law can assist you with all aspects of your case. Each case Mike handles is defended with the same degree of vigor and mindful of our ultimate goal which looks towards dismissal and keeping potential penalties to an absolute minimum. Learn More

Orange County, FL Felony Cases Lawyer

Criminal defense attorney Mike Mackhanlall defends all types of felony cases offering aggressive felony defense.  Each case that Mike handles is defended with the same degree of vigor and mindful of our ultimate goal which looks towards dismissal and keeping potential penalties to an absolute minimum. We understand the importance of keeping your record clear of a felony conviction and having your record expunged and/or sealed if eligible. Learn More


Orland Criminal Defense lawyer

Orange County, FL Firearms Lawyer

Attorney Michael Mackhanlall, Esq., is highly experienced in criminal defense cases involving firearms, and unlawful seizures or firearms and ammunition by police departments and other government entities.  Learn More

Orange County, FL Felony Score Sheet Lawyer

You have been arrested for a felony, and likely the first question you have is “will I go to jail”? Or worse yet “will I go to prison”? You are hearing terms like sentencing guidelines, and scoresheets, and mandatory minimums. What does all this mean?  Will my prior record be used against me, what about juvenile crimes? How can I figure out if the prosecutor will come to court, shrug their shoulders and say, “Judge, he scores prison, we are asking for the bottom, 46.38 months in DOC. What?  Learn More

Orange County, FL Sealing or Expunging of Criminal Records in Florida

Almost every time I have been successful in getting my clients case dismissed, acquitted, or if my client takes a favorable plea agreement I negotiate on their behalf involving no formal conviction, the very next question I receive is can I get this off my record? Learn More

Orange County, FL College Student Offenses – Criminal Defense Lawyer

College and high school students facing criminal charges may suffer serious consequences that could affect their eligibility to remain in school as well their future educational, career and professional goals. Learn More